Casa Campo Girls Camp



A good portion of the campers’ day is spent developing their talents and creativity with meaningful and age-appropriate activities that are carefully planned by our team offering a structured, enriching curriculum.  For some activities, the girls will be grouped by age to ensure they are working with developmentally and age-appropriate content. Other activities are done with the group as a whole.

Dance instruction will take place daily.  Campers will be grouped by age and dances will be choreographed according to each age group.  Various dance disciplines may be introduced including jazz, as well as, stretching, technique, leaps, turns and choreography.

Musical Theater:
Our musical theater program is a combination of singing, dancing and acting.  Mini themed productions are developed using kid-friendly musicals.  The campers will attend this class daily.

Arts & Crafts:
Our Arts & Crafts program is designed to foster creativity and individuality.  Campers will experience different art techniques and create themed projects using interesting materials.  

The girls will be participating in one baking activity a week where they can enjoy their edible creations! Please inform us of any food allergies

Etiquette/Character Building:

Our girls will participate in an etiquette and character building lesson.  We promote the importance of appropriate social behavior.  We cover topics such as manners, self-respect, respect towards others, politeness, being a good friend, dining etiquette, anti-bullying and more.

Outdoor Fun:
Campers will have the opportunity run around and exercise outdoors for 30 minutes daily.  Sports, freestyle games, hula hoops, and many more activities are offered and take place on the fields and courts adjacent to our building.  Water bottles and sunscreen are highly encouraged.